About the Artist

Wayne F. Michaud is an artist with a studio in the beautiful city of Santa Rosa, California, which he moved to in August 2016 after many years in Vermont. He has been an artist all his life - a traditional fine artist, muralist, illustrator and digital graphic designer. He has a BFA degree from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.


Wayne's love for pets (currently in the household are Rufus, a West Highland White Terrier) has led to his passion: Green Mountain Pet Portraits, since 2007.


Wayne has an extensive resumé. As a fine artist, he has painted landscape oil scenes and watercolor botanicals, been represented in art galleries and appeared in several art shows, garnering a Grand Award. His contemporary and trompe l'eoil murals have graced corporate, commercial and residential spaces. As an illustrator he has created works in oils, watercolor, acrylics, ink and digitally. Many of Wayne's illustrations have been published in magazines such as The Herb Quarterly, I Love Cats and Stocks and Commodities, and books such as Gibbs-Smith Favorite Houseplants, Rodale Press' The Healing Herbs and Natural Healing Remedies, and Jerry Baker Health Books Kitchen Counter Cures, Amazing Antidotes, The Anti-Pain Plan and Homemade Health. As a graphic designer he has created newspaper and magazine ads and interior page layouts for books.


Green Mountain Pet Portraits

Wayne F. Michaud

4679 Quigg Drive, #210

Santa Rosa, CA 95409



Wayne displays his Green Mountain Pet Portraits at the Second Chance Animal Center benefit and Fun Dog Day event at the Orvis Flagship Store,

Manchester, Vermont, June, 2012

Way, way before Green Mountain Pet Portraits, Wayne painted portraits of one of his Boston Terriers, named "Snappy", when he was around 12 years old.


Wayne's favorite breed is the Boston Terrier, having lived with eight of them, so far!